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Coffee lovers are always looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy their daily caffeine fixes. One coffee trend that has been gaining popularity over the past few years is nitro cold brew. But what exactly is it, what makes it different from regular cold brew coffee, and what are the benefits of nitro cold brew coffee? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at nitro cold brew – how it’s made, its potential health benefits, and any possible drawbacks.
Keep reading this article to learn if this chilly coffee concoction deserves a place in your morning routine.

What Exactly is Nitro Cold Brew?

Making nitro cold brew coffee requires the same steps as regular cold brew coffee. Coffee grounds are steeped in cool or room temperature water for an extended period of time, usually 12-24 hours. This long steep time results in a naturally sweet, highly concentrated coffee extract.
The difference with nitro comes after the initial brewing when it goes through an additional step. The brewed coffee is infused with nitrogen gas, similar to how nitrogen is used to draft beer. This step gives the cold brew a cascading, foamy texture when poured, much like the head on a poured stout. The nitrogen also inhibits oxidation, helping the coffee maintain its fresh flavor for longer.

Benefits of Nitro Cold Brew

10 Benefits of Nitro Cold Brew

Here are some of the top benefits of nitro cold brew coffee that have made it a popular choice in recent years.

Natural Sweetness

Nitro cold brew coffee has an upfront sweetness without adding extra sugar due to the extended steep time. The nitrogen helps lock in this sweetness for a well-balanced cold brew flavor and lower acidity. Nitro cold brew tends to taste naturally sweeter than regular coffee, without any extra sugar added. This natural sweetness comes from the cold brew process, which extracts certain sugars and chocolate or caramel notes from the coffee beans.[1] 

High Caffeine Content

The cold brew process results in higher caffeine extraction from the grounds. This means a nitro cold brew will deliver a significant caffeine jolt. This high caffeine content in nitro cold brew coffee makes it a popular coffee among people to drink, enjoy, and reach their daily caffeine.

Nitro Cold Brew Benefits - Caffeine

Long Shelf Life

A nitro cold brew can maintain peak flavor for up to 5-7 days when refrigerated, and regular cold brew starts to degrade after 3-4 days. These are due to the oxidation inhibition through the nitrogen in this coffee drink. 

The cold brew process naturally produces coffee with a longer shelf life compared to hot coffee. And infusing that cold brew with nitrogen further extends its freshness. Nitrogen acts as an inert gas blanket that prevents oxidization and staleness. While regular hot coffee is best consumed immediately, nitro cold brew can last up to 5 times longer while maintaining peak flavor and aroma.[2]

Great Carbonation

One of the signature features of nitro cold brew is its creamy, cascading carbonation. Infusing tiny nitrogen bubbles gives the coffee an effervescent texture and mouthfeel almost like a nitrogenated stout beer.[3]

Nitrogen bubbles are smaller than CO2 bubbles, resulting in a smoother carbonated texture. There is no harsh fizziness as found with some CO2-infused cold brews.

Less Acidity

Another benefit of nitro cold brew is containing less acidity than regular coffee. The extended cold brew process reduces the acidic oils in the beans, making nitro cold brew easier on sensitive stomachs.

Cold brewing coffee is inherently less acidic than hot brew methods. Fewer acidic compounds are extracted from the beans by steeping grounds in cold water for an extended time rather than exposing them to hot temperatures.[4] This yields a smooth, mellow flavor profile. The nitrogen infusion process provides even further acidity reduction.

Nitro Cold Brew

High Antioxidant

Nitro cold brew coffee is loaded with antioxidants. Cold brewing helps extract more antioxidants like polyphenols and chlorogenic acids, which can help reduce inflammation and promote heart health. The antioxidants in nitro cold brew coffee may also aid in neurological health. So we can say that promoting heart health and reducing inflammation are other benefits of nitro cold brew coffee.

Support Brain Function

Nitro cold brew is a type of black coffee which contains high caffeine content, and this caffeine content in the nitro cold brew can enhance focus, memory, and alertness. Moderated drinking of nitro cold coffee may result in better brain function and health.

No Additives

This popular coffee contains no additives. Straight nitro cold brew is just coffee and nitrogen, with no added sugars, creams, or artificial ingredients. It provides caffeine without the extra calories. If you are a coffee lover who should control the extra calories, you can try nitro cold brew coffee and add it to your healthy diet.

Nitro Cold Brew Benefits

Beneficial for Athletes

Thanks to its unique production process, nitro cold brew offers specific benefits for athletic performance. The cold extraction produces a drink with higher caffeine levels compared to hot coffee, giving athletes an extra kick for workouts and competition.[5]

Combining caffeine and nitrogen may boost energy levels and endurance for athletic performance. For better exercise performance, you can drink nitro cold brew coffee 30-60 minutes before your workout.

New Experience

The nitrogen cascading effect when pouring a nitro cold brew makes it almost theatrical to drink. You can enjoy a beer-like experience by drinking this coffee. The nitrogen infusion gives the nitro cold brew a velvety, creamy texture that feels luxuriously smooth on the palate. Many coffee purists prefer this mouthfeel to regular cold brew.

Potential Drawbacks of Nitro Cold Brew

While nitro cold brew has some excellent benefits, there are a couple of potential side effects to consider:
  1. Higher price: Due to the extra equipment and nitrogen needed, nitro cold brew tends to cost $1-3 more per cup at coffee shops compared to regular cold brew. Home nitro brewing requires some investment in gear.
  2. Possible waste: Nitro cold brew relies on single-serve kegs or disposable nitrogen cartridges. This can lead to higher plastic waste and environmental impact versus plain cold brew.
  3. Limited availability: While gaining popularity, nitro cold brew is still rarer than regular cold brew. It may not be consistently available at all coffee shops or for home brewing.
  4. Acquired taste: Some may perceive the thick, frothy texture of nitro cold brew as unusual or too creamy for black coffee. It’s a matter of personal taste preference.


Nitro cold brew offers coffee drinkers a novel experience with its cascading visual appeal, smooth and naturally sweet flavor, and functional benefits like higher caffeine content, high antioxidant, natural sweetness, better brain function, great carbonation, and longer shelf life. While the nitrogen infusion does add cost and possible waste, many coffee aficionados find the trade-offs worthwhile for an indulgent cold coffee experience. Still on the fence? Try nitro for yourself the next time you see it on a coffee shop menu.


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