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What is Coffee Lemonade?

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The combination of coffee and lemonade flavors. Coffee lemonade is made by adding brewed coffee to lemonade or lemon juice. The bitterness of coffee and tartness of lemon result in a unique taste and awesome coffee drink. Adding ice cubes makes it a perfect choice for summer days. 
Coffee lemonade is greatly recommended for those who want to experiment with different taste profiles of coffee. It is highly loved by people who like both coffee and lemonade.

What Is Coffee Lemonade?

Coffee lemonade is a refreshing chilled beverage made by combining freshly brewed coffee with classic lemonade. It brings together the tart, sweet flavor of lemonade with the slight bitterness and roasted notes of coffee for an intriguing flavor combination. This drink is also a great type of espresso-based coffee drink with additional ingredients, like different syrus or sparkling water.

More specifically, coffee lemonade is made by first brewing some strong coffee and allowing it to fully cool. Then, lemonade is made in the usual way by mixing lemon juice, sugar, and water together until a sweet and sour lemonade base is formed. Finally, the cooled coffee is mixed into the lemonade at about a 1:4 coffee to lemonade ratio.

Coffee Lemonade Origin

The coffee lemonade origin is not well-documented, and it is not easy to pinpoint its exact beginning and origin. With the rise of coffee demands, which focus on exploring and finding new combinations, different types of coffee brewing methods, and flavors, experimenting with types of black coffee drinks has become more popular.

Coffee lemonade is not an exception, and it has emerged due to this experimentation. This drink is a way to showcase the versatility of coffee by baristas and coffee lovers. The contrast of bitter and tart flavors offers a refreshing and enjoyable coffee drink.

While the exact origin of coffee lemonade is unclear, it is so popular in various locations, particularly in regions with a thriving coffee culture. The United States, Australia, and Europe are known for focusing on quality coffee and experimentation. As a result, you can find coffee lemonade on the menus easily in these countries.

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How Does Coffee Lemonade Taste Like?

The taste of coffee lemonade depends on its recipe. Different coffee lemonade recipes offer different tastes based on the amount of ingredients. As you can consider, more amount of coffee than lemonade results in a bitter drink. The coffee flavor can range from bold and robust to mellow and smooth. The lemonade brings a tart and citrusy taste that adds a refreshing and zesty element to the drink. Combining these contrasting flavors in coffee lemonade balances the bitterness of coffee and the tanginess of lemon.

As a barista myself, I have seen several times that people, after drinking coffee lemonades fall in love with the taste and say that this taste is really new and enjoyable. Some recipes contain sweeteners like sugar or honey to balance the flavors and add sweetness. The sweetness of the coffee enhances the overall taste and makes it more well-rounded.

Additional Ingredients to Balance the Flavor

When preparing coffee lemonade, there are several additional ingredients you can add to customize the flavors.

  • Sweeteners
  • Ice cubes 
  • Sparkling water
  • Herbs and spices
  • Citrus zest
  • Syrups or flavorings
  • Cream or milk

How Much Does a Coffee Lemonade Cost?

Where you buy the coffee lemonade can directly affect the pricing. In coffee shops or cafes, the price of a coffee lemonade depends on several factors, like the location, the establishment’s pricing policies, any additional ingredients, the quality of the coffee beans, and the type of lemonade used.
As an estimate, a basic coffee lemonade drink can range anywhere from $3 to $6 or more, depending on the abovementioned factors.

Preparing coffee lemonade at home may cost differently based on the price of the coffee beans, lemon juice, and any other ingredients you choose to include. But it is important to know that making it at home is more cost-effective than buying from a coffee shop.


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Coffee Lemonade Benefits and Drawbacks

Coffee Lemonade Benefits

  1. A unique taste experience
  2. Versatility in customization
  3. Variety in coffee consumption
  4. Potential antioxidant content from coffee

Coffee Lemonade Drawbacks

  1. Acidic nature (For those with sensitive stomachs or acid reflux)

  2. Added sugars ( For those who watch their sugar intake)

  3. Caffeine content (For those who are sensitive to caffeine)

  4. Individual preferences (For those who may not enjoy this combination)


In conclusion, coffee lemonade is a unique drink that combines the bitterness of coffee and the tartness of lemonade. It can be served with additional ingredients based on the recipe and personal preferences. While its popularity has grown in various regions, coffee lemonade origin is unclear, and its appeal is not limited to specific locations. Like other types of coffee drinks, coffee lemonade has many benefits and drawbacks which should be considered. As it is not too expensive, give it a try and enjoy this awesome combination.

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