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What is Coffee Wine? (All You Need to Know)

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Coffee wine, also known as coffee-infused wine or coffee-flavored wine, is a type of drink with a unique flavor, a combination of wine and coffee. It is made by infusing or fermenting wine with coffee beans or coffee extract. But it’s important to know this combination is not made easily just by adding coffee to wine. 

In this blog, we will discuss the exact taste, origin, price, and recipe for different types of coffee wine. 

6 Different Types of Coffee Wine

Coffee wine should not be confused with coffee liqueur, which is a specific category of alcoholic drink made with coffee and spirits like vodka or rum. Coffee wine is primarily a mixture of wine and coffee flavors, while coffee liqueur tends to have a higher alcohol content and a sweeter profile.

In addition, here are a few different types of coffee wine based on the ingredients:

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1. Red Wine and Coffee Blend

This coffee wine combines red wine flavors, such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, with coffee. It has a blend of rich, fruity wine notes.

2. White Wine and Coffee Blend

This style of coffee wine combines white wine varieties, such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, with coffee. It has a lighter and more refreshing flavor of coffee wine.

3. Port-Style Coffee Wine

Port-style coffee wine is made by fortifying the wine base with a distilled spirit, often brandy, and infusing it with coffee. It has a stronger, sweeter, and more complex flavor than coffee wine.

4. Dessert Coffee Wine

Dessert coffee wine is made with sweet or late-harvest wine varieties and infused with coffee. It is a sweet, aromatic coffee wine with chocolate or other sweet treats.

5. Fruit-Infused Coffee Wine

A coffee-infused raspberry wine or coffee-infused cherry wine combines coffee. It has a rich flavor of coffee and a delightful blend of flavors.

6. Spiced Coffee Wine

Coffee wines with spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, or nutmeg enhance the flavor profile. These spices can add warmth and complexity to the coffee wine.

How Does Coffee Wine Taste Like?

The taste of coffee wine can vary depending on many factors. However, in general, the combination of coffee and wine has a unique and complex taste profile.
The fruity flavors of wine are combined with the strong and rich flavors of coffee, so the result might be a balance between these flavors.
Flavors such as chocolate, caramel, nuttiness, or even a slight bitterness from coffee are added to sweetness, acidity, tannins, and the specific fruit or floral notes of wine; the final taste could be incredible.

Can You Make Coffee Wine at Home?

Yes, Making coffee wine at home is possible for those who have the required equipment and ingredients.
Required Equipment: Sanitized fermentation vessels, airlocks, and utensils.

Necessary Ingredients: Coffee beans or coffee extract, wine yeast, sugar (optional), and your choice of wine base (such as grape juice or wine concentrate).

You can read our homemade coffee wine recipe to understand the whole process, prep time, calories, and resting time.

The Caffeine Content in Coffee Wine

The caffeine is extracted from coffee beans and infused into the wine. However, the caffeine content in the final product is lower than that of a regular cup of coffee because the fermentation process reduces the caffeine concentration.

The final caffeine content depends on factors like the type of coffee beans used, the brewing method, the wine base, and the infusion or fermentation process duration.

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Coffee Wine Origin

Coffee wine can be found in different regions of the world, and the origin can be traced back to various regions where coffee, while there isn’t a specific geographic origin for coffee wine.
Although, we can say that this combination has taken place where both drinks were produced.

Coffee production is common in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and many others.
Wine production is common in France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Australia, and many more.

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Price Range of Coffee Wine

It’s important to note that these price ranges are approximate and can vary depending on location, brand reputation, specific ingredients used, and market demand.

In the lower budget range, coffee wines are priced between $10 and $20 per bottle.

Coffee wines in the mid-range can be priced between $20 and $40 per bottle.

Premium and artisanal coffee wines can range from $40 to $100 or more per bottle.

You can check local wineries, wine shops, or online retailers offering coffee wine to get more price information.


In conclusion, coffee wine is a combination of coffee and wine, resulting in a unique flavor combining the rich flavor of coffee and the fruit notes of the wine. Coffee wine is the result of creative experimentation by winemakers and beverage enthusiasts that can be made at home, although it requires specialized knowledge and equipment. As with any alcoholic drink, it’s important to moderate your coffee wine consumption.

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