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A classic affogato is an Italian dessert cocktail that takes a simple scoop of gelato or ice cream to new heights by dousing it in hot espresso. Making an affogato at home takes just a few quality ingredients and a couple effortless steps for a dessert that feels uniquely sophisticated. Here’s how to make the ultimate affogato:

Equipment You'll Need

  • Espresso machine or stovetop moka pot
  • Espresso or demitasse cups
  • Gelato, ice cream, or sorbetto
  • Spoons

Brew Fresh Espresso Shots

  • Use medium or dark roast coffee beans
  • Grind beans to an espresso consistency
  • Tamp the portafilter firmly and insert into espresso machine
  • Pull 1-2 ounces of concentrated espresso

Assemble the Affogato

  • Scoop gelato, ice cream, or sorbetto into small cups
  • Slowly pour hot espresso over the top so it partially melts the ice cream
  • Top with extra sprinkle of ground coffee, cocoa powder, nuts or whipped cream (optional)

Affogato Recipe



Prep time





A Mouthwatering Affogato Recipe =)


  • 1 shot of espresso (1/4 cup of strong brewed coffee)

  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato


  • By using an espresso machine, prepare an espresso shot 


    Brew a cup of coffee using different methods like french press, moka pot, pour over, or drip coffee

  • Let the espresso or coffee to cool.

  • Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato into your Pour the shot of espresso or brewed coffee over the ice cream.
    serving glass or cup.

  • Pour the shot of espresso or brewed coffee over the ice cream.

  • Serve immediately and enjoy!

How to Make an Affogato?

Notes for You:

  • The combination of hot coffee with the cold ice cream creates a delicious contrast of temperatures and flavors.
  • Feel free to experiment with different flavors of ice cream.

Flavor Combination Ideas

Once you’ve made the classic version, try these delicious affogato twists:

  • Salted caramel gelato with espresso is a favorite
  • Orange sorbetto or lemon gelato paired with espresso
  • Chocolate or vanilla ice cream works beautifully
  • Top with amaretto or Frangelico for an alcoholic dessert
  • For decaf, use decaffeinated espresso
  • Options are endless!
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