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Traditional Classic Macchiato Recipe – 4 Steps in 5 Minutes

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A macchiato is a simple yet artful espresso drink that pairs a fresh shot of espresso with a splash of foamy steamed milk. Learning how to prepare this delicate coffee at home takes just a few minutes and basic equipment for a cafe-quality result bursting with rich flavor.


Equipment You’ll Need

  • Espresso machine or moka pot
  • Milk frothing pitcher
  • Milk frothing wand or handheld frother
  • Espresso cups

Brew Espresso

  • Use medium or dark roast coffee beans
  • Grind beans to an espresso consistency
  • Tamp grounds firmly and lock portafilter into group head
  • Extract one 1-1.5 oz shot of espresso

Steam and Froth Milk

  • Pour cold milk into pitcher and steam until 145-155°F
  • Position wand to incorporate air and generate silky foam
  • Steam just 2-3 oz of milk

Assemble the Macchiato

  • Pour freshly pulled espresso shot into cup
  • Spoon just 1-2 tsp of foamed milk over espresso
  • Top with a dollop of foam

Macchiato Recipe



Prep time





A classic macchiato recipe =)


  • 1 shot of espresso 

  • 1 to 2 ounces of steamed milk


  • Prepare a shot of espresso using an espresso machine or brew with a Moka pot.

  • Steam the milk using a milk frother or steam wand until it becomes creamy.

  • Pour the steamed milk over the espresso.

  • Spoon 1 or 2 teaspoons of the foam on top.

  • Serve immediately!

How to Make a Macchiato?

Notes for You:

  • Discard the rest of the milk after adding the foam.
  • This is a traditional Italian macchiato recipe


Add a dash of vanilla or caramel syrup to the steamed milk before spooning over espresso. Top with a light sprinkling of cocoa powder or cinnamon. Enjoy hot or iced. Options abound!

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