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What Are the Differences between Mocha and White Mocha?

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Mocha is one of the most popular coffee drinks all around the world among both coffee lovers and those who are not much interested in coffee. While there are different types of mocha coffee, white mocha is a lovable one. Although both are named mocha coffee, there are several differences between them.

In this blog post, we will discuss mocha vs. white mocha. If you want to know these differences in flavor, caffeine content, popularity, color, texture, health benefits, and ingredients, keep reading.

8 Differences between Mocha and White Mocha

1. Ingredients

Mocha contains espresso, chocolate syrup, and steamed milk. White mocha contains espresso, white chocolate syrup, and steamed milk. As you can see, the difference is only the chocolate, the most important ingredient in mocha coffee.

mocha vs. white mocha - ingredients

2. Flavor

The flavor of mocha is rich, perfect for those who want a rich taste from coffee, with a chocolaty taste. In contrast, white mocha has a sweeter and creamier flavor, perfect for sweet-taste lovers.

3. Texture

White mocha is smoother and creamier, while mocha is thicker with a velvety texture. Although the texture of each one can vary based on the ingredients, we talk about regular ones with regular recipes.

4. Calories

White chocolate in white mocha can result in more calories than regular chocolate in mocha. But it’s important to know that based on the ingredients, the calorie content can vary in different types of mocha coffee.

5. Color

As you can guess, due to the ingredients, mocha has a dark brown color, and white mocha has a light beige or off-white color. Based on the mocha recipe, the color could change by adding or deleting ingredients.

Mocha vs. White Mocha - color

6. Popularity

Mocha is a classic and traditional coffee drink that has been around for decades, so it has its own fans during this period of time. White mocha also has gained popularity in recent years as a sweeter alternative.

7. Health Benefits

There are several mocha coffee benefits, and these benefits are for both mocha and white mocha. But mocha can contain more antioxidants because of the cocoa powder.

8. Caffeine Content

Both mocha and white mocha contain caffeine from the espresso, but the amount of caffeine in types of espresso-based coffee drinks may vary depending on the type of espresso used,  brewing method, and the type of coffee bean used.

What is Mocha?

Mocha coffee is a type of coffee drink with a rich taste of chocolate. There are many types of mocha coffee and also types of iced mocha with different additional ingredients and flavors. Mocha is a perfect choice who looks for a different and new flavor in coffee and those who like chocolate.

What is White Mocha?

White mocha is also mocha with white chocolate. It could be served both hot and ice. This type of coffee is a great option for sweet coffee lovers. In order to make white chocolate mocha, you can follow the same steps as the mocha coffee recipe. The difference is just the chocolate; here, you should use white chocolate.

Common Questions about White Mocha vs. Mocha

Now we can answer these questions about mocha vs. white mocha.

  • Which one is sweeter, mocha or white mocha?
    White mocha is sweeter than mocha due to its ingredients.
  • Does the color of the drink differ between mocha and white mocha?Yes, mocha has a lighter color compared to white mocha.
  • Which one is more popular, mocha or white mocha?
    Mocha is more popular because of being around for decades than white mocha.
  • Which one is stronger, mocha or white mocha?
    Being strong in coffee depends on the espresso content of it. The more espresso, the more strong the coffee drink.
  • Which is healthier, mocha or white mocha?
    Mocha could be considered a healthier drink than white mocha because of the lower calorie content of it.


There are several differences between different types of mocha coffee as well as mocha and white mocha. We covered all the main points about mocha vs. white mocha, including flavor, texture, ingredients, calories, caffeine, popularity, color, and health benefits. Totally, mocha is a good choice for that group of people looking for less sweet and rich coffee with fewer calories. And white mocha is great for those who want sweeter coffee with a creamy texture, and the calorie content is not important to them.

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