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What Are Different Types of Americano?

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There are several ways to make several types of americano, like using an espresso machine, Moka pot, and Nespresso, to make different types like white, red-eye, and iced americano. 

In this blog, we are going to see what these types of americano are, their ingredients, and their tastes.

What is an Americano?

Americano, as a type of black coffee, combines espresso and hot water, so we can consider this type of coffee as one of the most accessible coffee drinks to make.

These days you can find different types of americano, which will be covered here. Americano can be enjoyable for those who don’t like espresso’s straight and robust taste. 

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Different Types of Americano

The traditional americano is made of espresso and hot water. However, nothing is untouched in the modern world, and americano is no exception. There are several types of Americano inspired by the traditional one that should be tested.

1. White Americano

If you add milk to your American, it would be a white American. As simple as you see, this type is as easy as the main one. Adding milk is optional and personalized. Hot or cold milk can make your American to white American, not only the name but also the color changes. This type of americano could be used as a base coffee for a latte or Mocha. 

2. Red-Eye Americano

The combination of drip coffee and espresso is red-eye americano. You can pour one or double espresso shots into three or four ounces of drip coffee. The caffeine amount in this type of americano is too much and its fan are not usual coffee lovers. 

Why do we call it a red eye?

Due to the high caffeine in this drink, you will be awake until your eyes get red. This is why it has been called red-eye americano. 

3. Iced Americano

As you can figure out from the name, the main difference between americano and iced americano is the added water.

You will have an iced americano if you pour cold water and some ice cubes into your espresso. This type of americano is so popular in summer and hot weather. If you are a coffee lover, give it a try on hot summer days when you want a combination of cold drinks with caffeine.

4. Long Black

A long black is similar to a regular americano, but the order of preparation is reversed. With a long black, the hot water is added to the cup first, then the shots of espresso are poured in slowly and gently. This method results in a drink with a bit more crema on top. The crema is that lovely tan foam that sits on top of a freshly pulled espresso shot. Having that extra bit of crema gives the long black a bolder mouthfeel and visual appeal. The flavor ends up being almost the same as a regular americano, just with some subtle textural differences.

5. Black Eye

If the red eye isn’t giving you enough of a buzz, there’s an even stronger version known as the black eye. As you may have guessed, it gets its name from being so highly caffeinated that it almost seems like you have a black eye! To make it, just add an extra shot of espresso when making a red eye. So it contains two shots of espresso plus drip coffee water. This will definitely get your morning started in high gear.

6. Depth Charge

A depth charge turns the concept of an americano on its head by reversing the order. An espresso shot (or two) is added to an already prepared americano coffee. When the shots “sink” into the hot coffee, it looks almost like depth charges dropping. In terms of flavor, the difference is subtle. Mostly you get an additional burst of caffeine as the espresso blends with the hot americano. Cafe baristas will sometimes prepare depth charge americanos for themselves on long busy shifts when they need an periodic boost.

7. Wet Americano

A wet americano, sometimes called a wet shot, is when the water or coffee water is added to the espresso shot(s) first BEFORE the pull is complete. Usually about half the water is poured in first to “wet” the crema, then the rest of the shot extracts on top of that. This method results in a diluted espresso flavor, lighter mouthfeel, and less foam on the surface. The crema gets soaked up by the water already in the cup. For those who find straight espresso too overpowering or bitter, a wet americano makes it more palatable. The flavor still comes through, just in a more softened way.

8. Creamy Americano

Those who like some rich sweetness in their drink may enjoy a creamy americano. It’s an americano coffee served with steamed milk or cream. The dairy smooths out the espresso’s bitter notes, making a sweeter, velvety cup. Using foamed milk instead of just cream gives it more of a cappuccino treatment. You can also add flavored syrups or spices on top to take it to the next level. It’s a nice way to make your daily coffee feel a bit more special.

9. Breve Americano

Similar to a creamy americano but even more luxurious is the breve americano. Instead of regular milk, it uses half & half. This gives it an ultra-silky and rich consistency plus a light sweetness. As delicious as it tastes, too much half & half can be heavy on calories and fat. So the breve americano is best enjoyed as an occasional treat. The “breve” name means short in Italian, referring to using short cream or half-and-half rather than full milk or cream.

10. Mocha Americano

What do get when you combine coffee, chocolate and espresso altogether? A delightful mocha americano, of course! It brings together deep, roasted coffee flavors with rich chocolate notes. To make it, just add some chocolate syrup, cocoa powder or melted chocolate to your americano espresso. Topped with steamed milk and maybe some whipped cream, it’s reminiscent of a chocolate milkshake, while still keeping that desirable coffee kick. It’s an ideal cold weather warmer-upper.

11. Caramel Americano

For those with a sweet tooth, the caramel americano hits the spot. The sweet, buttery flavor of caramel beautifully balances against the bitter espresso. By adding your own caramel sauce, syrup or sprinkle, you can customize the sweetness to your liking. Using salted caramel will make it reminiscent of a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. A small drizzle goes a long way to giving it just a kiss of sweetness.

12. Upside-down Americano

Last but not least is quite a unique concoction – the upside-down americano. As you may guess, the preparation gets turned around again. To make it, freshly pulled espresso gets slowly poured over a large dollop of sweet whipped cream. The hot espresso partially melts the cream, creating a heavenly floating layer of silky foam. As fun to look at as it is to drink! Some versions incorporate caramel sauce or other flavors into the whipped topping as well.

Final tips

So there you have it – ten types of americano coffee drinks ranging from classic to crazy! From a simple long black to fancy mochas and upside-down styles, there’s so many ways to switch up this beloved brew. It’s easy to customize to your personal tastes. Next time you order an americano, consider giving one of these creative versions a try!

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