Why Is It Called Americano?

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Order an Americano at your favorite coffee shop and you’ll receive a hot drink made from espresso and hot water. But why name this popular coffee concoction after America or Americans? That intriguing name represents an interesting backstory from World War 2 origins to modern coffee menu mainstay.

Let’s explore why this specific coffee drink came to be known as an Americano, what the name signifies, and how it came to represent a balance between Italian espresso and American-style brewed coffee. Read on for the patriotic backstory behind the Americano!

The Story Behind the Name "Americano"

US and Italy Flags

So how exactly did the Americano get its name? The term reflects the drink’s origins when American GIs stationed in Italy during World War 2 watered down intensity of Italian-style espresso to better match the coffee taste back home. Let’s break down the history:

American GIs Arrive in Italy

When American military troops were deployed for combat in Europe during the 1940s, many US soldiers passed through or were stationed in Italy. This brought America’s primarily working-class enlisted men face-to-face with a brand new local caffeine culture.

Italians Introduce Espresso

Italy is world-renowned for its coffee obsession. But rather than regular drip percolated coffee, Italian bars and cafes specialized in short, intense shots of steam-pressed espresso. The dark, toasty, highly caffeinated style was foreign to most Americans at the time.

Americans Add Water to Cut Strength

Upon their first taste, many American soldiers found Italian-style espresso extremely dark, bitter, and overpowering compared to the lighter brewed coffee popular in the US. To bring the little cups of strong espresso more in line with coffee flavors from back home…they simply added hot water to dilute it!

"Americano" Name Catches on in Italy

Legend says Italian bartenders dubbed this new drink Caffè Americano, or “American coffee”, representing the Americanized version of espresso through cutting potency with water. The name “Americano” caught on across cafes and Italy as the custom spread.

So the Americano moniker first arose as Italian baristas noted Americans diluting espresso intensity to better match their native preference – giving us a patriotic name meaning “American-style coffee”!

Flavor Profile Explained

The key flavor distinction that earned this espresso and hot water combination the name Americano lies in its similarity of taste to typical American brewed coffee:

Began As an Italian Espresso

Americano as a type of black coffee starts its journey like many Italian coffee drinks – pulled shots of highly concentrated espresso made from steam-pressed dark roast coffee grounds.

Dilution with Water

Hot water is then added to the espresso base – typically in a 1:1 to 1:3 espresso to water ratio.

Ends Closer to American Brewed

The resulting balance of rich espresso notes softened by hot water brings the flavor profile much more in line with regular American-style drip coffee, according to Italian baristas back in the 1940s anyway.

So the Americano name refers to the drink’s flavor essence – capturing Italian espresso gusto mellowed out by added water to produce something reminiscent of what Americans recognized simply as “coffee”.

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Why "Americano"?


Breaking down the name itself provides insight into how espresso plus water came to represent a balance between European and American coffee preferences:

Called "Caffè Americano" in Italy

The Italian language name translates quite simply to just “American coffee.” It was the drink’s Americanized departure from Italian coffee tradition that inspired its honorary title.

Different from Regular Brewed Coffee

While more closely aligned to American tastes than straight espresso, types of Americano still differ from typical US percolated coffee in its pronounced, silky crema topping and warming yet light finish.

Familiar to American Palates

The espresso foundation mellowed out by hot water reduction did however provide a middle ground that was more accessible and enjoyable for American drinkers used to mild brewed coffee back home according to historical accounts.

So the Americano name stems both from the drink’s origins catering to American servicemen and its flavor profile more resembling the US coffee familiarity – though with an espresso-enhanced twist!

Why The Name Stuck?

Now a menu fixture at coffee shops and cafes everywhere, why has this patriotic wartime placeholder drink name so thoroughly stuck over time?

Created by Italians for Americans

Italians specifically crafted the espresso and water drink to appease American tastes. So them deeming it Café Americano in Italian cemented the designation.

Initially Spread in Post-War Italy

Thanks to its roots catering to American soldiers, the drink concept spread at Italian cafes after World War 2, further solidifying the tradition of its nationalistically-charged handle.

Popularity Expanded in US

As Italian coffee culture grew internationally in the mid-20th century, Italian-American immigrants brought espresso and the lighter Americano concept home with them as part of their cafe culture exportation to the US.

Appealing Balance of Flavors

The Americano better introduced Americans to the pleasures of high-quality espresso-based coffee drinks thanks to balanced, less punchy flavor more similar to the brewed coffee they were accustomed to.

The name Americano was baked into the drink itself from wartime beginnings and tied intrinsically to its unique cross-cultural place bridging both Italian and American coffee preferences.

An Italian-American Coffee Bond

While geopolitical alliances have shifted over the decades, the Americano endures as a fusion drink representing the longstanding bonds between Italy and the USA through coffee culture crossing borders.

It appeals to both nations – concentrating favorite elements from each coffee tradition. From battlefield novelty to coffeehouse staple, the Americano’s name both celebrates and enhances connection!


So why do we call it an Americano anyway? In the simplest terms, Americano translates to “American coffee” – signifying the espresso and water drink’s origins catering to American servicemen stationed in Italy during World War 2. The name endures today for the cross-cultural fusion this simple modification symbolizes. Much like pizza, the Americano celebrates beloved influences shared between Italy and the United States melded through an inviting coffee experience appealing to both palates!

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