Americano vs. Mocha (color, taste, caffeine, colories)

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Americano and mocha are two popular coffee drinks all around the world. Both are made with espresso but there are several differences between them. Here, we are going to talk about americano vs. mocha in caffeine, milk, serving size, price list, sweetness, and calorie.

First, we will take a look at each one separately, and then their comparison. Let’s start the journey of mocha vs. americano. 

Differences between Americano and Mocha

Long story short, there are lots of differences between americano and mocha, including flavor, caffeine content, milk, sweetness, serving size, calorie content, and price list.

1. Flavor

Americano has a strong and bold flavor, similar to black coffee. Americano is also a bit smoother due to the addition of water.
Mocha has a rich flavor due to the addition of chocolate. Its flavor is a combination of the bitterness of espresso and the sweetness of chocolate.

2. Caffeine Content

Americano has a strong caffeine kick and a bolder coffee taste while Mocha has a lower concentration of caffeine. The lower caffeine content of Mocha is because of its ingredients, milk and chocolate.

3. Milk Content

Steamed milk in Mocha is the reason for its creamy and velvety texture. Americano can also have very little milk, if any. But Americano mostly serves with hot water, not milk.

4. Sweetness

Sweeteners can be added to Americano, but it’s popular due to espresso’s bitterness. The chocolate syrup makes Mocha sweet, and the level of sweetness can vary based on the recipe.

5. Serving Size

The standard serving size of Americano is around 8 to 12 ounces (240 to 350 ml), while the Mocha serving size ranges from 4 to 8 ounces (120 to 240 ml).

6. Calorie Content

An 8 ounce (240ml) serving size Mocha contains around 200 to 300 calories, and an americano contains very few calories, ranging from 0 to 15 calories in an 8 ounce serving size.

7. Price List

Here is a price list of mocha coffee and americano at Starbucks. Let’s see americano vs. mocha pricing list =D

Americano vs. Mocha
Americano vs. Mocha at starbucks

What is Mocha?

Mocha coffee is a chocolate-based coffee drink. This coffee is highly recommended if you are a coffee and chocolate lover. You can have chocolate flavor as you want and change the recipe based on your preferences. Mocha coffee is a type of espresso-based coffee drink with additional milk, cream, and chocolate.

Mocha Ingredients

  • Coffee beans
  • Milk
  • Chocolate
  • Cream 

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mocha coffee ingredients

What is Americano?

Americano is one of the most accessible types of black coffee drinks. You just need to add hot or cold water to the shot of espresso, and done! This coffee drink comes from the era when American soldiers stained Italy and decided to pour water into espresso to decrease its strong taste and have a larger amount of coffee drink. And nowadays there different types of americano and people can drink it as an iced drink or hot.

Americano Ingredients

  • Espresso
  • Water

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Final Words

As you know, there are many ways to make americano and mocha coffee in various styles. The features discussed in this article might be changed regarding the ingredients used. But the most important item while talking about americano vs. mocha is the taste of chocolate and milk. 

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